Think vaping is the safer alternative to smoking? Think Again...

Let's Uncover the TRUTH About Vaping

Campaigns against tobacco companies have been around for the last thirty years, so our young people are aware of the dangers and have essentially been “scared out” of smoking traditional cigarettes. However, the new trend of vaping is on the rise. The first vape was developed within the last ten years, and there are many false beliefs about it, such as it being a safe alternative to smoking. While the long term effects are not being studied yet, there are many short term effects seen in people, specifically young people.

Vaping Dangers

Have the Conversation

After talking to many parents once we began our campaign, we heard things such as “we always taught them to say no to cigarettes”, “my teen was able to hide it from me”, “this was not part of the conversation”, “they thought it was safe”, “I just simply did not know”, and the list continues. Our mission is to educate teens and their parents about the real dangers of vaping. To increase the conversation and awareness. To fight for our teen’s health. To uncover the TRUTH about vaping. Vaping is dangerous and our teens deserve more.

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